Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Boards September thru April 2013

Well I volunteer at my children's schools creating various bulletin boards. My favorite to do is the Birthday Board. Basically I get a two month list of kids and their birthdays and try and create something unique to showcase them using the themes of the month. September I did different colored leaves to represent fall, pumpkins with glittery green stalks for October. November I did brown turkeys with google eyes and Christmas trees for December with sparkly glue as garland and Pom poms as ornaments. January I did snow globes and multi colored hearts in different purples, pinks, and reds for February. This month I made four leaf clovers and pastel bunny rabbits with cotton ball tails. When I take the board down the kids get to keep their individual item and really seem to love that! They especially seem to like all of the color and glitter I use! I try to make it so you have to stop and stare whether you like it or not lol! I have a couple pics and hope you like it! Ill update when I change it the May and June (still trying to think of what I'll be using!)

Rika <3

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